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Dance, Dance

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The Summer King is also a great dancer. Not exactly your go-go boy, but he’s one of the featured sexy boys in the popular gay dance club Bed Bar in the metro. On weekend nights [and early mornings], he’s in his bright skimpy undergarments entertaining the wild crowd.  Reza Moico a.k.a. Richard Moico is blazin’ hot!

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  1. Kung makaasta tong feelingero na toh kala mo kung sinong alta sociedad at di napatol sa beki, pero haller andami na rin namang baklitang nakatikim.

  2. Si Bembem Kho manager nyan mabait yun na beking majubis , just approach him and ask nicely about Reza

  3. Ang bongga nitong lalaking ito! Sobrang hot! Nakakapag-init ng keps! Magkano kaya damage? Pag-iipunan ko. 🙂

  4. RD please repost John Mark Marcia’s photo when he ramped naked (yung kita nota) in Lipps Bar. Thanks

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