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Flesh and flash

miketanIf there’s one thing in common between these boys, it would have to be their being unlikely underwear models. Well, make it two: they are meek and quiet. They speak softly and carry big sticks. I think.  Magic Mike Tan is sexy in all kinds of ways – tall frame, lean bod, bulges in the right places, and of course, a handsome face to boot. And meek and quiet.

VictorNow, Victor Basa, too. Still remember his tag in the Big Brother House a few years back? The Lonely Dreamboy. He’s utterly reserved with an excruciatingly sad air. Don’t we just love his mysterious aura up until now? Plus the sturdy legs, the luscious lips, the strong arms, that mighty bump down there. I could go on. And meek and quiet.

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  1. Nagsesex kaya sila Vic at Divine? Just asking, kasi Vic is gay di ba. Na link kay Carlos Concepcion na kasal na sa NY sa isang model na lalaki at binuking ni RD dito hahaha

  2. Mike is still booking at 50k. Mahal na nga, pero dati sa sementeryo dyan sa Mandaluyong e 500 pwede na chupa. Yan ang tooo ha!

  3. May nalimutan ka in common RD: parehong bisexuals! Si Mike Tan sa nasirang Starstruck winner na Marky. Si Victor kay Carlos Concepcion!

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