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VinceWhere in the world is our favorite giraffe Vince Ferraren? The third guy (Spainhour + Ajdani) who made an impact on our collective consciousness as the tall and handsome model who posed provocatively for Bench Body ads in his undies has gone missing from our shores. He should come back, don’t you think? Vince’s awfully missed these days. In his undies, natch!

nathanWhat time is it? It’s 6 o’clock! Model Nathan Leon Biggs shows us.  Hot bod,legs and all. He’s still rockin’ it in those little underthings. Bulge, blob and bump, Mr. Biggs is smoking hot!

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    1. Weh, hehehehehe! Talaga? hehehehehehehehe!

      Bakit parang walang proof? hehehehehehehehe!

      Tang(in)a ka ba? hehehehehehehehehe

    2. Tanga, palagay mo sakanila cheap, pwede naman sila mag hotel bakit nila gagawin yun sa backstage, palibhasa baklang pakalat kalat ka sa mga barangay na sanay humada sa mga tabi tabi, wag mo silang itulad syo HA HA HA (tawang kris aquino)

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