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Summer Break

Summer is here! Or so Bench Body says. And the first guy out of the underwear company’s sexy mill for its Summer Break 2013 campaign is model most-ubiquitous Vince Ferraren. We don’t see any VPL, but what the heck, he’s still smokin’ in that hawt bod! 
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  1. Its not really a big deal even if there isnt any visible penis line. He still has great body and handsome face. And he is really hot! Its not just about the package down there, its the whole package thats important! –

  2. putang ina -napapajakol ako lagi paga nakakakita ng mga sexy pics ni Vince Ferraren. guapo na, matangkad pa, at katakam-takam ang katawan.

  3. RD, I feature mo naman si JR Labrador cya ung FEU varsity volleyball player. Kahit di sexy pose. Type ko cya to the MAX. TY.

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