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Lounging Around


Did you miss Sammy? Sam Ajdanii in all his near-nakedness, wearing nothing but his strong masculine scent and some flimsy pair of Bench Body briefs? Sexy guy Sam is still one of the favorites in the local underwear company’s backlot (or basement, where all the raunchy photo shoots are mostly done).

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  1. I always See him Strolling in some part of greenbelt he has thin long legs and waste line pala hihihi

    1. Tru. Kala mo malaki katawan sa pics pero in person talo pa ang mga pambato natin sa miss universe at miss world.

  2. Napakafeelingero na nito ngayon lumaki na ang ulo. As if naman super hot nya kung umasta, e mukhang makyonda naman, uber payatot pa. Pweh!

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