Hot Men in the Philippines

Jerrymie Sweltry

Cebuano model Jerrymie Ferrer is one hot guy. This 27-year-old hunk is one of the busiest models in the Queen City of the South. He has also done Bench’s biennial bikini and jeans show in Manila. This is no mean feat because only a handful of local models were picked for the show in Manila. At home, he has won numerous bikini contests – Mr. Body Shot Philippines 2007, Mr. Jamaican Nights 2006, Mr. Slimmers World 2007, to name a few.
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  1. i like him also!lalaking lalaki,mala derek ramsay!…i have so much craving for moreno men,very animalistic appeal,ang sarap sa kama!huh!

  2. The way his name is spelled does look a bit effeminate. But it’s actually a masculine name, Jeremy.

    Now this is what a man should look like.

    Not like the army of glutathione on channels 2 & 7 (erik santos, who was previously moreno, and is now mestiza … at sino pa).

    Tan is so beautiful, especially on men.

  3. there is something wrong with the eyes. inayos ba or mejo makapal ang make up?

    ganon pa man mukhang masarap nga ito.

  4. what a body to die for, and eyes to drool over…ahhh, so many men, so little time, but this ultra hunk tops my list from among those posted by rd in a long while..more of him, please, and this time in seductive bikinis. more, more, more of jerry mie!!!!

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