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Moose Knuckle and Tanga

MikeTanPeople say that the moose knuckle is an “unsightly sight of nuts split in the middle.” I actually like looking at it akin to the VPL. Actor and underwear endorser Mike Tan hints at bulges on opposite sides of the seam that resemble the hoof or knuckles of a moose.

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Children of the 80s will remember the tanga as the be-all and end-all of sexy underwear. More than a thong but narrower than a bikini, the tanga provides a moderate to minimal coverage of the nether regions. Model and engineer Franco Clark demonstrates the coverage.

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  1. i prefer the tanga underwear, its much sexier and very daring in those days before the male thong came out. men who wear the tanga before were considred bold and beautiful, but these days, the tanga is considered conservative as more daring and very revealing men’s bikinis have emerged in the market.i love men wearing the thongs and pouch bikinis and the one with the front hole, it gives me instant hard on.

      1. Isa ka pang tanga! Di nga marunong gumamit ng punctuation marks eh. Mga utak biya talaga kayo. Hala! Mag walis na ng mga buhok diyan sa parlor!

  2. Ang liit naman ni Franco Clark wala man lang umbok hahahahaha kakaloka ang laki ng katawan pa naman sayang sya!!!

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