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Singer-actor Markki Stroem has joined the pageant fray! He’s repping the Philippines in the upcoming contest called Mr. Universe 2024 in the US, and whatever it is, we’re glad we get to see him happy walking off his fine physique (and good looks) on stage. Here are throwback pics of his bod and bulge from Love at the End of the World with Khalid Ruiz. Those jewels are real.

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  1. Sad state of commentaries here. Markki is a worthy candidate and hopefully, a winner.

    The baklas here are always trying to pull down a fellow Filipino. I just can imagine, the poverty of hearts and the sick mind of those baklas, a term you deserved.

    1. Are you sure Markki is worthy for that title?
      What is your basis? Ni wala ngang comparison kasi di naman sumali ng competition eh. Who knows if someone out there is ALOT WORTHIER than him to represent the Philippines.

  2. Great timing! The cochinillo was recently featured on TV. Sa Eastwood, no? 🙂
    In bocca al lupo. Bon success. Happy trails. Evermore.

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