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Mention the name Ah-nold and the words muscle and skimpy trunks come to mind. I’m referring to Arnold Aninion, of course. He’s a fitness guy and if he looks familiar to your keen for-hunks-only eyes, he’s one of the Philippine Volcanoes members who did the controversial Bench Body billboards a long, long time ago.

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  1. i can vividly remember his stint in survivor philippines in 2011. partner nya si john odulio who is also from the philippine volcanoes rugby team. ibang-iba na pala ang katawan niya ngayon. hunk na hunk.

  2. mas may breeding eto teh kesa mga brazilian na walang trabaho at makain sa bansa nila kaya nagpapaka cheap dito sa tv.

  3. chiselled body, naughty smile, nice crotch, mukhang mabango. eto na ang gusto ko mapangasawa, hayy ang sarap mangarap.

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