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Eruption 2

The Volcanoes are back and they’re doing new Bench Body briefs soon! Ken Stern [left], Patrice Olivier [middle] and Chris Everingham are [under]gearing up for the underwear ad wars with F&H. Who’s your bet?
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  1. I dunno but I guess Folded & Hung one-upped Bench this time with their signing Neil Etheridge! Neil is the King of the Underwear War! Sorry this time Bench, Checkmate!

  2. Sa totoo lang walang gwapo sa tatlong toh! Nadala lang tayo sa hype thanks to those gigantic billboards! Salamat din sa oa na reaction ni sherwinita!

  3. Ken and Patrice! Mas maayos ang mukha ni Ken pag hindi photoshopped. Ewan ko ba kung bakit masyadong tinapalan ng kung ano anong layers at effects ung images nila. Pumapangit tuloy kesa gumanda. Maayos ung sa BTS pero ung output hindi ko feel!

  4. ay naku..mga extra large…extra large hita ,extra large muscles ,extra large puwet……extra large din kaya si totoy? i bet…grabe laway kung laway…tulo kung tulo…bring it on volcanoes? what about penshoppe and mossimo? they should sign up the other azkals…like nate burkey, rob gier and the new goal keeper roland muller and the biggest star with the bato body stephan schrock

  5. Swerte naman ni Lola Bench natikman nya lahat ang mga itong boys na ito kapalit ng endorsement? Kainggit!

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