Hot Men in the Philippines


These are the notable ones in the Star Magic Hot Summer 2024 feature. Top left is Joao Constancia next to Jameson Blake. Lower left is Kobie Brown and right is Zach Guerrero. I can play favorites, if only for the gratuitous display of pits and clean navels. Can you smell these photos yet?

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    1. bwak bwak bwak, di sila kumakantot ng pwet ng baklang kanal na may taeng bumubulwak, bwak bwak bwak

  1. just recently, I dreamt na sana magpakilikili si Zach. But dang! the armpit god made my wish come true. Turbo jaks na this

      1. Aren’t they all? Baknal lifestyle na pinairal at pinauso ng mga imoral na GenX/Millenial baklang kanals

  2. Which reminds me. I need to juggle my Hydrochotyle plantings around… Didn’t endure the Hot Spell too well. Puhon, with the thunderstorm season upon us these will regain lost ground. 🙂

    1. You must spend hours online researching not-so-common/familiar words to say so as to appear “cultured/educated”, huh? Betch, Pliiiizzzz! Wag mo kami lokohin at dimo pa nawawalisan yung mga buhok sa 4 na salons where you have contractual emplyments with.

      1. @GNF: may bago sa vocabulary mo teh! Hindi ‘yung “maputi na mataba titi nito”. Haha. Para kang si tito mars…. sarap mong ikaskas sa pader at ipakain sardinas, pandesal, balut sa ‘yo!

  3. Sana mamaintain ni joao at jameson mga abs nila. At magpakita na ng briefs 🩲 silang dalawa

  4. Kobie Rhys Brown, cutie boyish charms in the streets, kantot-barurot at kantot-demonyo in the sheets!

  5. Si Joao parang masarap ka sex, si zack parang gentle, si Blake napalinis at flawless, si Kobe pang matagalan kalaplapan

  6. Si Joao parang sarap maka sex, si Zack mukhang gentle sa kama, si Blake ang linis at flawless sarap isubo at si Kobe pangmatagalan sa laplapan…in my dreams.

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