Hot Men in the Philippines

Point of View

His nipples are ripe and Yasser Marta deserves a post today. This is your POV, worshipping his young, hairy bod. That primal, hypnotizing masculine scent coming from his wonderful crevices. That musky, slightly sweaty smell of a man. It is absolutely attractive, if you ask me.

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  1. El muchacho ideal de los que como Bienvenido Abante, Apollo C. Quiboloy, Manny Pacquiao y los bandidos del suroeste de Mindanao.

    1. Ahm high pouh ateh Kirilin, Ahm, puhrang young wuhlang tuhlugan pouh shya tuhlaga noh pouh? Hihi… Pehroh bortaneshsh at manly vershion aman pouh shya eigh… Hihi.

  2. Lumipas na yung beauty ng face niya. Pashonda na. Pero nagmarka sana yung pangalan niya if he did that movie “Lockdown” Now, I think tatanda na lang siyang di masyadpng known.

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