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Rafael Rosell wants to soar

Because he is nice and sexy and handsome, my Christmas wish for Bench underwear model, boyband dancer-teaser and occasional award-winning actor Rafael Rosell is more success in his career. Which means he should be in leading-man status by next year and less appearances with that group that sings and struts shirtless. I’m pretty sure RafaelRosell, who has the talent, charm and the pleasant appearance [plus he can drop his pants and underpants in a snap], can wing it!
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  1. among the guys in Coverboys, he is the only one ,i think, with a major acting award. he really deserves a lot more exposure & better roles than the other boys..i love him.

  2. certified supot yan pero gwapo, friend ko doctor niya na sabi magpatuli siya pero tako, regular naman size pro haba daw nang balat

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