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Rush Frontal

As purveyors of indelicate male fantasies, we have always pushed to normalize male nudity in movies. It’s just an appendage, meant to be seen and appreciated. Vivamax actor Rash Flores submits his contribution to the archive of Real Penis In Movies, and however, fleeting this scene was in Bata Pa Si Sabel, any gift – big or small, is highly appreciated.

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  1. Ohh ehhm, wow aman pouh my Momsh RD!!! Sho cute aman pouh ng little tite nyah huh, puhrang kakakilityih pouh yean eigh… Hihi.

    Pehroh puhrang young kuah Joko Diazh pouh puhlah shya, pehroh puhrang mash daksh pouh shi kuah Joko pouh. Hihi…

    1. “Momsh RD” says na yung button penis niya ganyang kaliit rin utak mo hence your GEJ manner of “speaking and typing” tas delusion-filled brain mo – na sobrang liit. Hihihihihihihi…

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