Hot Men in the Philippines

There’s something…

Jakey1 copy… about Jake Cuenca these days. He’s hotter with the long hair. The abs are back. Although the ex-resident exhibitionist of Bench Body has since retired from the flash-and-flaunt shows and ads of the underwear company, he is still one hot guy! He has to be bare-skinned always.

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  1. True na hindi pa din nagamot halitosis nyan. Nakasama ko yan sa isang event, ako nag ayos ng hair nyan kasi stylist ako. AMOY HANGGANG sa side ko, E nakatayo ako over him ha!!!

  2. Di pa sya laos. May project pa eh. Consistent sa Top 6 ang Pasion de Amor. Na-extend pa nga. Ang laos eh yung walang project.

  3. how come na may halitosis xeah ? eh nung mgksama kami wala nman try mo kya ma ikama kung kaya mo i trade xeah

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