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Traffic Hazard

Well, I’m not exactly complaining. It’s just that right above that busy flyover along C-5 Road from Pasig City on the way to Makati, there’s this giant billboard of local clothing brand Folded N Hung with model Hideo Muraoka.  He’s shirtless [and hairless in the pits]! And driving past that section, I couldn’t help but look up and gape – with a heaping of sexual malice – at this fine specimen.  Hideo Muraoka is a 20-year-old Brazilian-Japanese model, now based in Makati City.
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  1. He’s more appealing to me than Aki. Of course, it’s just my taste.

    Too bad he’s wearing pants. He should be wearing briefs on the ad.

  2. Soooo good looking grabe!!!perfect to my taste too!i wonder if he has pics in undies…?mukhang perfect i combine ang brazilian at japanese,sobrang gwapo nila just like Aki.hope to see more of this guy.

  3. i agree di hamak na mas gwapo naman toh kaysa dun sa overrated akihiro. tsaka si Aki mukhang mabantot, etong si hideo mukhang mabango. pero hairless pits? oh no, a telltale sign na he’s a PLU…

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