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Whatever happened to Michael Raymond Lim of the defunct Provoq group? Top photo is a recent one, taken during the Philippine Fashion Week series held a few months ago. It looks like he just got big and broad. He was my favorite member of the daring boy group Provoq, until he quit, joined Mister Philippines 2007 and totally disappeared from the limelight. Now he’s back and I’m missing the old Michael Raymond Lim [bottom photo].
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  1. eeeeeeeeee!!!!! what happened nga??????? naloshang na sha!!!

    anyways, commercial muna mga sis. for the latest showbiz intrigues and exclusive photos of your favorite stars, don’t forget to check out my blog.

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  2. different po ang guys sa two pics… the first pic is japs cuan. former ust player na team mate ni franciz allera

  3. I don’t think the guy on the picture above is Michael Raymond Lim. There’s something different in his eyebrows and his eyes aren’t that innocent yet inviting as they used to. Above all, the guy on the first picture gives me this gut feeling that he isn’t but agree Michael Raymond Lim is extremely yummy.

  4. My god what happened to him? When I saw the pics I thought it was someone else! Siya pala yun?! OMG! He’s my crush pa naman. Pero after seeing his recent pic, parang hindi na. hindi na xa yummy!

  5. Is that really him? Gosh, what happened??!

    He used to be my favorite in the Provoque group, being the tall, boyish, chinito guy.

  6. Hindi naman ata siya yan. I can’t see the relation of the features eh. Paranag iba ang ilong ng dalawa. Ewan ko ah… Grabe ang pinagbago biya kung siya nga talaga yan

  7. Raymond Lim will be in the gay film BEN & SAM mapapanuod na simula bukas!!!!! from March 10-16. ROBINSONS GALLERIA ORTIGAS, REMAR CUBAO, ISETANN CINERAMA RECTO, ROBEN CINEMA MANILA & CINEMA THEATER CEBU.

  8. hahaha! napagod na ata si RD at nai- match nya ang dalawang photos as one person.

    Anyway, crush ko si Raymond Lim.
    Kapag bading ang humawak sa lalaki ay gumaguwapo ang lalake. Pero kapag Babae ay pumapanget ang lalaki.

  9. Nd naman pala same person yan eh. The top one is from UST according dito sa iba. Look at their nose, the UST cager has a pointed one while d other is quite rounded. Also their eyes are total different. Anyway the provoq guy is trully hot wearing his perfume. Lol!
    By the way, as I watching this afternoon soap of Dennis Trillo I saw Ryan Dulay on casting. Finally he’s IN the mainstream. Goodluck n lang sa kanya!

  10. RAY AN DULAY is the lead actor in the classy gay film BEN & SAM mapapanuod na simula bukas!!!!! from March 10-16. ROBINSONS GALLERIA ORTIGAS, REMAR CUBAO, ISETANN CINERAMA RECTO, ROBEN CINEMA MANILA & CINEMA THEATER CEBU.
    Critics say Dulay’s acting has vastly improved in this film. check the trailer here:

  11. Hmmm…RD you better be careful in what you post. Always fact check information so you won’t get into trouble.

  12. hey… wag naman tarayan si rd…

    oks lang yan…

    raymond is out of shape na…

    i saw him in a resto near escolta… i think his family owns the resto…

    i won’t publish the name of the resto, baka makuyog naman ang privacy nung tao…

    all i can say is, the resto serves a mean white chicken! SARAP!

    as for raymond, cutie pa din naman, kahit may tummy na… mukha pa din namang masarap!



  13. Di naman tinatarayan si RD. Our advice lang is to be responsible and use better judgement in what we post in our blogs. Peace =)

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