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Wholesome Wednesday

Here’s a fully clothed Ram Ace Bautista for today. Well, at least covered in fabric. Since Ram Ace Bautista doesn’t like wearing clothes, it may be such a big change if I get to post an image of him with clothes on. Tee-hee. Anyhow, there have been some sightings of Ram Ace in the smaller bikini contests in the metro – in bars and clubs, and there is one common comment: the guy totally loves going skimpy and threadbare.
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  1. RD Im disappointed! I don’t expect to see Ram this way! My wish is a “lean budget” or “skimpy allowance” or nothing at all!! Hehehe!

  2. where will i find him next? this guy has eaten up my curiosity and what i would give to see him in the flesh showcasing his skimpiness and close to nakedness (pwede rin nakedness) hahahaha!

    any information on his scheduled appearance will be much appreciated.

  3. hay wholesome na naman ang RD!!! hehehehe!!! but hey it that what i think it is???? the head or part of his balls????

  4. this guy is RD’s second love(after Ido). ano ba ini? tribute ba ito sa MEN IN MY LIFE. RD, where are we heading?

  5. may career pa ba toH??? di na nagbago ang katawan pati paglalakad nakakasuka. marami ng sponsor yan. may naloloko pa ba? dating tambay yan sa kanto ng bacoor rotonda malapit sa sm bacoor. after 9pm mag abang kayo dun marami sila. try nyo mga ate.

  6. ace, paki sole naman cellphone ko. u borrowed it lang naman. malaki naman binayad ko sayo. nagtiwala ako sayo pahiramin yun. baket 2 months na ayaw mo pa isole.tapos ayaw mo pa sagutin tawag ko. pls lang naman.

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