Hot Men in the Philippines



Teaser: Is AVO really huge?

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      1. Kaloka. Granting for the sake of argument that it is true (dahil product of imagination ito), lucky yun. Ang malas: ikaw. Because wa datung ka. Youre wealthy lang with your negativity and honestly, apawwwww!

  1. Hellooooowww 80k daw?! No kiss, statue at 1 cum only?! Honestly, would you go? Hanap nlng aq n iba un kht mga 5k performance nman..

  2. tangina, sa 80k maraming kanto boys na kong machuchupa ng 500k each. libre ko lang ng burger. hahaha

    aanhin ko naman ang ratbu nitong si opstal. may amoy naman titi nyan, foreigner eh

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