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Alias Marlon

Welcome to the weekend! Tonight we usher in the weekend with the subject of penis abuse. Choking the monkey in a different and not-so-joyful way. You’ve seen the beads of Marc Cortez and how the people rear-acted, I mean, reacted. Now, here’s Marlon of you-know-where, with a tightly-wound erect joystick. Purpose of which is, of course, to maintain an erect pole for the audience. Awww!
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  1. well.. kelangan ba tlga ng mga pinoy ng penis ring 2 kip them hard for long? dba known ang pinoy na kahit medyo kulang sa sukat e matitigas naman… pang westerners lang yan… don’t like seeing it on pinoy dicks..just expressing my taste

  2. this is unhealthy..parang sinasakal ang titi, ang the blood stops flowing..standard operating procedure to sa mga macho dancers..

  3. Walang dating sakin etong guy except for his name Marlon. I met this guy 5 years ago by the name of Marlon. He was not only good-looking and endowed, he was very good in bed too. He made me feel like I could be a queen in one day. He is now in the US.

    C’mon the dick is suffocated. Masyado na siyang nasakal!! Kung bibig ko na lang pinangsakal dyan, masarap pa! Hahahaha!

  4. may isang incident sa clouds gay bar noon na naputulan ng ugat dahil dyan sa nilalagay nilang lastiko–kasi naman ang nilagay yata ay almost sinugod sa pgh!!!! di pa rin nadala…nun bumalik..ganun pa rin!!!!

  5. In a way, nagsa-sacrifice mga macho dancers who let it all hang out so that the insatiable queens in the audience would be pleased. Maybe the guys are not aware if the practice of squeezing the base of their dicks with something like a rubber band has adverse consequences. O alam nila kaya lang, tinitiis na lang para masiyahan ang malilibog na bading at kumita nang ilang daang piso.

    Is there any doctor who could enlighten us on any possible dangers posed by this practice?

  6. Letse kayong mga bakla kyo! e, kya nman nila sinasakal ang mga burat nila e para masiyahan ang kalibogan nyo! di ba yun ang gusto nyo makita, ang tigas at tayong-tayo na burat.

  7. tsk tsk… ang labo naman ng mata nyo.. halata namang photoshop ang dick niyan..

    see it clearly guyz…

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