Hot Men in the Philippines


Bros copyWe’ve had a pretty lackluster week in terms of hunks in various states of undress, but what the heck, we’ve had a good run with the naked boys in the sideposts, eh? It’s not that there’s a dearth of bold and baring boys, it’s just that they’re too coy these days. Nevertheless we’re getting two today, and brothers at that! Tohid and Sam Ajdani grace us with their sexy sweaty presence. One is just fine, two is sheer joy!

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  1. Inferness both of them r like mabait naman, I was introduced to them by one of my officemate a few months ago when we were in valkyrie bgc. Syempre ako naman mega talk and offer ng drinks sakanila so i think they find me nice dat night. To the point na si Tohid(the younger one), he made yaya to me to smoke outside so i obliged, made some small talk that time mas personal na and di ko napansin we’re laughing like crazy na with each other’s stories. I think we have chemistry. My claws arent out..JUST YET. In time cguro. For now continuous communication namen and we’re really good friends unlike his older bro na medyo aloof sa aken. I can say na Tohid and I, we’re on the getting-to-know-each-other stage.

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