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IMG_1254There was nothing spectacularly racy and risqué at the recently held Cosmo bash. Heck, no one went out in their underthings! So today is a good day for runway models who are taking their shirts and pants off in the name of hotness: Kirstey Viray and Carlo Lee. You’ve might remember Kirstey as the ballsy guy a few years back. Carlo is the Korean one, who’s bringing K-popness to our modeling scene.

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  1. Susme naman kung makaasta ngayon si Kirstey e akala mo kung sinong anak mayaman at may breeding. E alam naman ng lahat na galing sya sa Lips Bar!!!!

  2. Pag sinuso nyo si Kirst e parang nakipag lips to lips na din kayo sa mga baklang casters and stylists and managers sa Manila! Andami!!!!

  3. Grabe ang mga shupatid nating bekimon, inovertake na ang cosmo bachelor bash na pang tunay na mga babae. At dinala pa amg kacheapan duonik. Tigang pa more!#JustSayin lol. Bato bato sa langit tamaan, ediwow

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