Hot Men in the Philippines

The man of our summer dreams

HideoOnce every summer, nipo brasileiro model Hideo Muraoka strips down to his undergarments and shows off his fine bod. Well, we’re used to it, of course, dating back to his Folded and Hung days when his billboards were real traffic hazards (and gave new meaning to “speed bumps”). And now, he’s back, hotter than ever! We hope to see more, natch!

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  1. For some reason hindi ako nalilibugan sa kana masyadong malinis at clean cut kasi eh wla man lang hair sa katawan

    1. especially if the foreskin is overlapping and extra long and you can insert your tongue inside and lick all those delicious smegma…yummy!

  2. well if the guy is really hot i guess you’ll just have to close your eyes and pretend you’re into foreskin…lol

  3. I saw him once. He’s really hot in person but his speaking voice is a turn off.

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