Hot Men in the Philippines


Janvier Daily‘s younger brother Joshua shows a lot of promise, eh?

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  1. Taena sarap pakantot sa hombreng to! Ahhh raised bilateral legs up & opened my small/tight vagina . Ready to get penetrated by his big cock!!!! Slurrrrpppp!!!!!!

  2. grabe ka naman rd..di mo pa pinakita ang full body…how can i judge his asset down there? pero ang kyut ng face nya ha…sarap nya i hug..ayoko na kay janver, dito na ako kay brother hehe

      1. Ako taga call center at senior OM.. bka tax ko lng monthly kinikita mo sa limang buwan. Minsan dpat sa tulad mo ingudngod sa ebak. Plibhasa walang makain..bitter..tsk tsk..

  3. He’s so cuteee. Though chubby coz think he’s still young, pls more pics especially wearing undies. Thanks. So gwapo solo cute

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