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RendonA well-built man.

Victor1Real hunks don’t shave: Victor Aliwalas.

Saucy sports guys

Nikko HuelgasA sporty guy ups the sexy factor a hundred fold. National triathlon record holder Nikko Huelgas is not only a good-looking sonofa%^&#guy but he’s also fast and strong. He’s bringing honors to the country by winning medals and recognition in his sport. As he’s doing a very noble deed, I’ll just pretend I did not notice that. Yes, that thing.

JericoSpeaking of bulges, occasional actor and track-and-field star Jerico Ejercito Estregan is also a celebrity in his own right. Did I just mention star? The 21-year-old athlete is fast becoming recognized as one of the brightest hopes in running or sprinting, pardon my ignorance of the terms of the sport. All, I know most definitely is that Jerico’s a little¬† sexy fireball as seen in his photos on the tracks.


In case you’re up for bikini and plump butt shots, Jerico used to compete in bodybuilding competitions.


Michael and Danilo wish to remain anonymous.

The basketball players come back

BasketballOnce in a while, we stimulate healthy interaction among our readers. The best topic, of course, as we have quite established in the Mr Porter Says Hi¬† post is all about the hoops guys! And so, dear wayward reader, this is another feature about the basketball players. That’s controversial Terrence Romeo in red, who denied his relationship with a tv personality when he was still poor and slugging it out in varsity games. Of course, you know Anthony Semerad. The one on the right is their team mate Paolo Taha, who’s sexy mainly because of the abs and the fact that he’s, well, a basketball player.

AVO54AVO delivers a message.

victoriasecretAlbert Gonzales channeling Victoria’s Secret.

bikini93The open-front underwear. I think.

IMG_9841The Fitness First trainers are all here in Ritz-Carlton Millenia Singapore plus one! #happykids #blessed #welldeserved #vacation

al_tantay copyVintage. #guesswho

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