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Male models are a dime a dozen these days, but once in a while someone like Clint Karklins comes along to elevate the profession to considerable heights. While his physical assets are in plain view here, what you may not know is that he is a professional nurse on his way to a medical degree. A pretty mug with a perfectly-sculpted body, and he’s got the brains to back it all up, what more can we ask for?

Master Cutter

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One of the hunks who easily caught our attention in the Cosmo feature was Gerson Rodriguez. Tall, dark and mysteriously handsome Gerson does modeling on the side. When he’s not showing off his fab abs, he’s a cortador de jamon profesional, aside from his bio in the rag, which lists his job as a “Business Manager.” Whatever, I’m impressed with his body of work.

Magic Men

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There’s a new group called Pinoy Magic Men, and it’s wonderfully composed of boys from all walks and uh, persuasion in local show business. I featured the first three members before – Vin, Albie and Marco – off to the US for a series of shows with drag queens. The other half of the team is made up of Jay, Markki and Victor, who – if you ask me – could still give the younger ‘uns a run for their milk money.

A Fit Man

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Real man Xian Lim is keeping it hot and toasty today with his fitness photos. It has been a while since we featured him, and these sweaty shirtless photos are priceless.  He may not be that visible and popular these days, owing to the onslaught of younger hunky dudes, but Mr. Lim still has the goods (and pecs) to show in fickle showbiz.

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The Notables Pt. 2

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It’s hard not to get a little hot and bothered upon seeing the half-naked likes of these male persons. It’s the long weekend this side of the pond, and mainly to keep traffic passing through this wayward site, I’m putting up part two of the Cosmo hunks this year inside Apartment 69. That will do.

The Notables Pt. 1

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Some of the noteworthy guys inside Apartment 69 are here: a motley group of students, models, businessmen and boytoys. They’re here to well, warm the cockles of our hearts with their adorable smiles and fit bodies, boldly extending the hotness of the summer season. Pick one.

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