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The deep dark web churned up a naked photo of the hotter twin Tyler Mata. Who’s elated, who’s not? I’ve always known this is the more daring one of the cute duo. He appeared in some exhibition of naked dudes for an Asian show.  Now, the question left to ask, worthy of the archives at is: Do identical male twins have identical genitalia?

Free transform, too

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Exhibit A is GMA’s resident shirtless guy Jak Roberto, who goes on to prove that no one stays ghastly ugly forever. His metamorphosis is one for the (cosmetic surgeon’s) books. Add some insanely hot bod, and he’s off to a come-hither presence in his home station.

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Don’t you just love Carlos Agassi these days? He’s practically naked in all his social media postings and nobody’s unfollowing.  He’s mighty proud of his body of work, as illustrated in this shot: it’s awesome how the steam/smoke and wet underwear can come together. Of course, that impossibly-honed physique is criminally sexy.

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