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Whatever happened to the once-hot career of Jeric Gonzales? Did the flames get doused by a certain controversy involving videos and bodily fluids? He’s rarely seen on tv and the movies these days, and the 26-year-old bit player is sorely missed. Throwback Thursday after the jump.


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Home Made

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After his home video that featured his whole, uh, male form, Joshua Colet is now making waves on tv bit by bit (no pun).  His new turn on afternoon tv is, of course, making everyone dig for his salacious past. Sex sells, and we – as was our wont, are not going to judge. Particularly dick pics and vids.


by: rddantes July 24, 2018 | 27 Comments |

Is it the middle of the week yet? I am sharing these photos, caps from the mail. I get all the weird stuff from vanilla to hardcore, and these ones are too good not to share. He’s not that famous, but then again, cuteness knows no following or popularity.


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