Markki Stroem has a gay series and let’s support him!

“Unlocked” is a 6-episode anthology series about gay relationships under the lockdown premiering on @gagaoolala.official, the one and only LGBTQ focused online streaming service in Southeast Asia.

The first episode of Unlocked premieres this JULY 9TH on GagaOOLala with “Andrew and Brix” starring Markki Stroem and Mike Liwag. Then a new episode will be released every week.

GagaOOLala will also partner up with #ExtendtheLove, a fundraising project to help film workers in the Philippines during the quarantine. During the 6-week release window for Unlocked, the streamer will donate 25 PHP for every new subscriber coming on to the platform.

Visit https://www.gagaoolala.com for more details.

The Dish

Remember when Prince Clemente and Zuher Bautista took pictures together? Well, major damage control was made by the camp of Prince, who denied ever knowing the other dude. Turns out, Zuher was in the same swimming party that day, and overeager, starstruck Zuher just fired away with the shots, posting dem pics on his social media accounts. The posts have since been taken down and the Prince has denied being friends with Z. End of story.