Posing 101: Lying Face Down

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[Anton Bernardo]

[Romano Vasquez]

[Jay Manalo]

[Patrick Guzman]

[Harold Pineda]

[Rodel Velayo]
Back in the olden days, when see-through meant curtains and not men’s underwear, one of the more popular variant poses for the strip-for-pay actors was the one lying face down. Plausibly, photogs for the gay mags who got tired asking their subjects to merely pose with their skivvies on, had to ask the guys to just lie down, with butt-crack showing. Remember, this was in the 90s and it was big deal then for these actors to well, position themselves that way. It was sufficient enough to tickle the prurient fancy of every adolescent gay boy then.

Saucy Twinkie: Jay Oanes

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Twenty-year old Jay Oanes is a BS Nursing student at the Our Lady of Fatima University in Valenzuela City [this university north of Manila is turning out to be an open pit mine for diamonds in the rough]. He stands 5’8″ and has grand plans of entering showbiz in the future. Jay, in fact, was in a walk-through role [blink-and-you’ll-not-see-me cast] in the Manila Filmfest entry Lagot Ka Sa Kuya Ko, shown a couple of years ago.
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Ballsy: Jerwin Ellao

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Jerwin Ellao is 21 years old and a native of Pasay City. He was a candidate of the Valentino Magazine Coverboy Search held recently. Said contest, which featured a no-briefs-allowed-onstage-but-wear-something-skimpy-and -tacky portion, attracted quite a number of dishy guys from the entertainment industry. It was such a huge hit, owing to the attractive contestants, the fast-paced production, and of course, the audacity of the boys.

JV Roxas: Valentino Cover Boy Winner

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The winner of the first Valentino Magazine Coverboy search is JV Roxas, 19 years old and a student at the Our Lady of Fatima University in Valenzuela City. Originally from Surigao, this twinkie beat quite a bunch of hopefuls in the strip search, including masseurs, escort boys, dancers and model wannabees. A friend who lived through the show, called in to describe what happened: It’s like going to that place, remember Adult Cakes & Candies along Sumner in Covington, LA? Where you want to taste and buy everything – as they all look yummy and divine and without wrappers? And by the time you go out, you feel – what’s the word? Satiated or glutted. That’s it! Lots of naked men! And they are not coy!

To J. – How about Janvier, Is he Irish enough?

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Hey J., does he look Irish enough? Janvier Daily, 22 years old and a student of Hotel and Restaurant Management at the University of Baguio, became an instant gay-folk sensation when he took on the male lead role in the kooky musical, ZsaZsa Zaturnnah. Janvier claims to be half-Irish [his father is from Eire], but he was born here – in Cabuyao, Laguna before moving up to Baguio City. Admittedly, he has fine Filipino features – dark, sort of nigrescent and a knockout, if you ask me. Surely, not all Irish are Caucasoid. If I remember correctly, there is predominantly a ‘Black Irish’ , a dark-skinned, dark-eyed, dark-haired Irish phenotype created by the infusion of Spanish blood [through countryside invasions]. And then there’s the ‘Black Irish’ of the British West Indies, the mixed-blood offspring of 17th century Irish emigrants and African slaves who live on the island of Montserrat, known also as the “Emerald Isle of the Caribbean.” So, how about it, J.? Methinks, despite any claims of progeny or race, Janvier Daily is one beautiful Filipino specimen. You must agree with me on that.

Breakout: Jon Mullally

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This would have to be our KitKat post, the let-us-take-a-break-from-careless-naked-boys moment. Jon Mullally is 6’1″ lean, trim and weighing 175 lbs. He used to be the Century Tuna Image Model, getting the deal after surviving a model search held in Boracay Islands last year. Jon was formerly a banker in London before moving here to do some modeling [I presume without being too cocky about it: Modeling is way more lucrative than say, banking.]. Jonathan Mullally, recently seen as the yellow-bikini-clad cover of gay Icon pulp, is half-Irish and half-Filipino.
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Bursting Forth: Gabriel Fajardo

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Twenty-one year old Gabriel Fajardo works as a clerk in an eyewear company [look for him in the malls!] and does modeling on the side. He lives in Cainta, Rizal. With the photos above, it gives me such cheer and delight with the fact that youngsters today are so bold and audacious in posing for photographs. For art’s sake, i presume.
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Work your midsection!

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Models: Douglas Robinson [topmost] and Carlos Concepcion

In a recent study by the North American Association for the Study of Obesity, it was declared that waist circumference is more conclusive than either weight or body-mass index [BMI] as a measure of disease risk. Miami cardiologist Arthur Agatston, MD, author of the South Beach Diet supports this research by saying that: “Abdominal fat is different and more dangerous than fat elsewhere. Unlike fat directly under the skin, belly fat, which adheres to organs, is associated with increases in C-reactive protein [CRP] and other markers of inflammation that can lead to heart disease.” So guys, other than working your abs to flaunt in the beach this summer, there is a more scientific and healthful reason for doing it. Say, your life depends on it.

Kish McBride joins another contest. Again.

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Twenty-year old Kish McBride, buoyed by his recent win at the sleazefest Hataw Superbodies Bikini Open, is joining this year’s Ginoong Pilipinas. Kish McBride, who won the Manila preliminaries, is one of the favorites in this year’s contest, which has attracted more than 40 guys from around the country. The Ginoong Pilipinas pageant will be held on 12 May at the Clam Shell auditorium in historic Intramuros, Manila.

Luis, stop already. They have cast the role.

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Let’s see, why did the movie Spiderman 3 remind me strenuously of Luis “Lucky” Manzano, the 26-year old actor with the convent-girl articulation. I am absolutely certain it isn’t Tobey Maguire, no freakin’ resemblance there, although I see some abs and cuts in all the proper places. I’m guessing it must be Green Goblin or some villain called Hobgoblin. I’m just guessing guys.
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