Harold Hunk-a-lot

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Cebu’s top male model is arguably Harold Dee. The half-Filipino, half-German Cebu native has been modeling for years in the Queen City, mostly for top brands and major designers in the region. Last year, he appeared in the Bench Fever underwear fashion show in Manila. Although he was a headturner in a sea of models at the Bench show, he was largely unknown to most Metro Manila fashion watchers. In Cebu, he is a member of the MAC [Models Association of Cebu], which most probably is the equivalent of the influential PMAP in Manila. Although Harold Dee is now 29 years old, he still does the rounds of ramp shows and major campaigns in Cebu. Easily the most-liked model there because of his good looks, bearing and proper attitude, not a few are wondering why Harold Dee has not invaded Manila’s savage modeling biz.
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Comely Man-Boy: Vincent Villa

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Vincent Villa is a bit player in the movies and television. He was last seen in the pioneering bikini show, Boylets 2005, where the boys let the show’s director and designer call all the shots, that is, make them wear funny gauzy underwear, pose nekkid on stage, expose their members to a maddened audience, the usual stuff. After the crazy success of the show, Vincent Villa has since moved on to television, more on the don’t-blink-or-you’ll-miss-me guest appearances. It’s a tough life actually.
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Mesmeric: Paolo Serrano

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Paolo Serrano is best remembered as the Viva Hotmen member who was unceremoniously booted out from the group. [Viva Hotmen has since been dissolved and Viva put up the more daring Men of Provoq]. Magazine reports even detailed his depression from such removal. A Computer Science graduate of Perpetual Help College in Laguna, Paolo was a ramp model before pursuing a showbiz career. After his hasty exit from the group, Paolo went on to do indie movies, last of which was the gay movie Matthew, Mark, Luke and John where he portrayed a stripper. At present, Paolo is still doing minor guest appearances on TV and the movies.
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The Tease: James Ereza

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James Ereza placed fourth runner-up in the free-for-all Hataw Super Bodies Bikini Open 2007 edition, with eventual winner Kish McBride. Only in its second year, the contest has attracted a wide variety of pageant veterans, model wannabees and even exotic dancers from around the city. During the contest, the bikinis slipped on by the contestants were white, flimsy and somewhat wet. You get the picture.

The Lump

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Now, don’t be mean guys. There is such a thing as benefit of the doubt. I mean, how do you say that again? Elephantine? J-Cee Martin can’t be that bad. J-Cee Martin or Prince Panotes in the real world, is a part-time actor [credits: Mga Batang Bangketa, Lagot Ka Sa Kuya Ko], model and singer. He was Mr. Campus Idol, Maharlikang Pilipino Novaliches, Maharlikang Pilipino World 2003, and a finalist at the Mr. World-Philippines 2003 search. J-Cee is a graduate of Hotel and Restaurant Management at the Southeast Asian College [formerly United Doctors Medical College].

Alizon Andres goes all out

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Methinks he is the Jan Loow-pezz of this year’s edition of the Century Tuna Superbods contest. And I’m not saying it’s all about a first runner-up finish. I’m talking perseverance, guys. Maybe it will pay off for this guy Alizon. Maybe Fickle Fortune will finally turn her glaring eyes upon him, notwithstanding heavy competition from better-looking and taller models in the competition. This New Era College Mass Communications major is simply determined to make it. Or bust.

Seems like I never get tired….

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…looking at Harold Pineda photos. In the advent of the Internet, pictures of a naked Harold on top of a small building in Cubao, Quezon City were splashed all over the most popular Filipino gay Yahoo group then. It was such gay gladdening. Remember, it was an era not used to naked Filipino men – the local gay rags then were still in the drawing boards and the movies did not feature much guys in the buff. Harold Pineda, the Ginoong Pilipinas ’98 winner, in some ways, helped pave the way for Filipino men to just tear everything off, down to their skivvies or otherwise. For art’s sake. That’s what I’m thinking so.
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Andrew Wolff’s back…

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Last seen in Boracay Island where most celebrities go during the Semana Santa, Andrew is back and still ripped and roaring. He was spotted in the company of native girls during his stay in the not-so-pristine-island, and no, he didn’t bring a girlfriend along. For a time, Andrew disappeared, said to be back in Birmingham, England to continue his studies. But now he is back in Manila, where he is much welcome, bad-boy image or queer-bait model that he is.

Andrew in Boracay Island during the Holy Week.

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Cocky: Warly Agalut

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Warly Agalut aka Drake Villarba was one of the contestants in the first Mossimo Bikini Summit pageant in Boracay, which contest was won by Carlo Maceda with a young Jordan Hermogenes aka Jordan Herrera as 1st runner-up. Warly, a native of Zamboanga City, stands 6’1″ and is now 29 years old. He was also a fixture of bikini contests then, such as Mr. and Ms. Bikini Open ’99, Handsome Guys Phils. ’99 and Eat Bulaga’s Modelo contest. When he ventured into the movies, he changed his name to Drake Villarba, appearing as a bit player in B-movies of the 90s. Warly still models part-time for print ads and TVCs.

Winning Moment

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It gives me utter pleasure to see moments like these at beauty contests. While John Anthony Lopez [the obviously go-getter and confident model, who pronounces his name as Jan Loww-pezzz for reasons I cannot understand still] can’t believe his fortune for landing merely 1st runner-up – and thus the fake smile, 2nd runner-up Al Galang tightly squeezes eventual winner Andrew Smith at the 2007 Mossimo Bikini Summit contest. It must be the overwhelming emotions at winning third overall, I’m not sure. Or he was just happy for the winner. For whatever the act of embracing is worth, Al Galang’s huge appendage down South surely got in the way of Andrew Smith’s, er, blob, too.
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