Cocky: Warly Agalut

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Warly Agalut aka Drake Villarba was one of the contestants in the first Mossimo Bikini Summit pageant in Boracay, which contest was won by Carlo Maceda with a young Jordan Hermogenes aka Jordan Herrera as 1st runner-up. Warly, a native of Zamboanga City, stands 6’1″ and is now 29 years old. He was also a fixture of bikini contests then, such as Mr. and Ms. Bikini Open ’99, Handsome Guys Phils. ’99 and Eat Bulaga’s Modelo contest. When he ventured into the movies, he changed his name to Drake Villarba, appearing as a bit player in B-movies of the 90s. Warly still models part-time for print ads and TVCs.

Winning Moment

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It gives me utter pleasure to see moments like these at beauty contests. While John Anthony Lopez [the obviously go-getter and confident model, who pronounces his name as Jan Loww-pezzz for reasons I cannot understand still] can’t believe his fortune for landing merely 1st runner-up – and thus the fake smile, 2nd runner-up Al Galang tightly squeezes eventual winner Andrew Smith at the 2007 Mossimo Bikini Summit contest. It must be the overwhelming emotions at winning third overall, I’m not sure. Or he was just happy for the winner. For whatever the act of embracing is worth, Al Galang’s huge appendage down South surely got in the way of Andrew Smith’s, er, blob, too.

Messrs. USA: Travis Kraft and Chris Friel

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I don’t know but is it just me or something else: the guys in the photo above look like they just got trucked in from the wax museum. Travis Kraft [left] and Chris Friel , were USA’s representatives to the 2007 and 2006 editions of Manhunt International, respectively. Both lost. Chris Friel, who is of Filipino-Japanese descent won this year’s Mr. Asia USA, sponsored by a Thai university. Travis Kraft, on the other hand, has been turning up in Manila’s billboards and TV commercials of late, aside from regular guest appearances in TV soaps as the token American guy. Both guys came to the country upon the invite of singer-host Lance Raymundo, who claims that Chris Friel is his long-lost cousin [Sorry Reg, I’m not buying it, say, I don’t see the freakin’ family resemblance.] Just the same, we are delighted at your arrival and visit in the Philippines, Messrs. USA.

Rock Deejay

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There must be something about Deejay Durano, who never seems to run out of projects inside the ABS-CBN studios. The former That’s Entertainment wallflower was last seen in a comedy movie [Ang Cute ng Ina Mo] and now he is in the cast of an ABS-CBN action series [Rounin]. The only thing [person] common in all his movies and gigs is the director, a very good friend indeed. I always thought Deejay Durano has gone to oblivion after That’s Entertainment. After struggling in getting movie projects [he was once handled by the simian manager, Nap Gutierrez who took the amateur photos below when Deejay was still younger, and fat], he went into band gigs as the lead vocals of the group Frontline. Not much came out of it, so this Cebu native disappeared for a while. Next thing we knew he surfaced in the mermaid series of ABS-CBN, Marina, in a vital role at that. Of course, the director was his good friend. From then on, his movie and TV career went bonkers [in a good way] as he was cast in minor yet exposure-plentitude roles. He also released an album containing Filipino songs, last year. And so here goes the story of a wannabee who has apparently soared past his contemporaries in that teen show, thanks to devotion, friendship, and interrelationship.

Oh Guiness gracious!

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Recent Guiness Nabung posts in other sites [such as the suggestive messages in UPH ], have recently put this model in the hazy pink limelight. The 29-year-old and 6’3″-tall model from San Beda College, who played varsity basketball, has also joined the gamut of bikini shows and contests in the metro – so it is not exactly rare to see photos of a speedo-clad Guiness in the web. And unfortunately guys, no nude pics for this guy who has a day job – I’m thinking real estate. So if his numbers and addresses are listed in a website, those are for business, and we should respect his privacy as gentlegaymen that we are.
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Andrew Smith wins 2007 Mossimo Bikini Summit

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[Andrew Smith, winner]

[John Lopez, 1st RU]
[Al Galang, 2nd RU]
UPH was disappointed. Not just disappointed but devastated-disappointed. Aside from the fact that his bets Adrian Racho and Kim Gantioqui did not even make it to the semis of the Mossimo-Bikini Summit 2007, which we attended earlier, the boy who won was rather, er, fat. Relatively, that is, as there were far more abs-laden male contestants there. The annual bikini-fest proclaimed as male division winner, the chunky Andrew Smith, who had gorgeous facial features and pear-shaped bod [notwithstanding the bulge, the bulge!]. Pageant veteran, the contrived John Lopez was a near-miss at the first runner-up position while huge-crotched Al Galang landed second runner-up honors. More photos coming up soon.

There’s something about Elmer

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Frankly, he does look ordinary to me but there’s something about Dante Balboa, or Elmer Anisco, that makes him tick in the sex-o-meter. Dante Balboa was a former runway and print-ad model and member of the Professional Models Association of the Philippines (PMAP). During his heyday, he was the Mr. Young Philippines and 2nd runner-up at the Manhunt Philippines search. For some unfathomable reason, he was named by showbiz writers as ‘educated hunk” and “brainy boldie.” It must be because of the fact that he majored in Architecture at the University of the Philippines aside from also attending special courses in Computer and Landscape Architecture, B.A. Film and Audio-Visual Communication and B.A. Philosophy at the State U. He was also an instructor on philosophy, language, and literature at Far Eastern University (FEU). Quite a feat for an actor who strip-bared in Seiko Films’ skin flicks of yore.

Smoldering: Jesse Raymund del Rosario

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Jesse Raymund del Rosario was last seen as one of the semifinalists in the Mister World-Philippines search [won by Emmanuel Mago]. The 6′-tall 24-year old hunk graduated with a Management course from San Beda College in Manila but he is now taking up a second course – BS Nursing at the Perpetual Help College of Manila. A native of Manaoag, Pangasinan province, Jesse has been modeling for three years now for top designers and malls in Manila. Due to the untimely passing of his parents, he is now the breadwinner of the family as he watches over his two younger brothers.

Deep-Dark: Ariel Morales

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Ariel Morales is now 31 years old, a former ramp and commercial model and part-time stage actor. He grew up in Valenzuela City but graduated with a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management from the Colegio del Sagrado in Iloilo City. He was discovered at the Boracay Bikini Open 1998, which subsequently paved the way for modeling assignments in Metro Manila. Aside from modeling, Ariel also went into theater, the most memorable of which were his portrayal of the national hero opposite Chinchin Gutierrez in Mi Ultimo Adios and in Lahi [Kami ay Pilipino] at the Centennial Show in Clark Expo Filipino.

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Kish McBride wins Hataw Superbodies

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Kish McBride, a 20-year old Philippine Maritime Institute-student, won this year’s edition of Hataw Super Bodies 2007, besting 22 other bikini-clad hotties. Kish, who started out joining small-time village pageants [he won Macho Guapito Body Beautiful in his barangay and the Tropical Hunks Bikini 2006 1st runner-up trophy], topped pageant veterans and models in the annual free-for-all thongs tilt, held at the Metro Bar in Quezon City. More photos to follow.
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