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Ethan‘s dad, Emil Sandoval during his prime.

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    1. if you were referring to the pene ones, i’m afraid there are none. i’ve also been searching all over but to no avail. check out 14 Going Steady in YT. there’s a scene there where Emil was bullying Albert Anido and the former was only wearing excessively short shorts. daddy Emil, in his prime, was indeed way hotter than his son. πŸ™‚

    2. Wala syang pene scenes but a movie he was in had his butt exposed while humping starlet Olivia Ortiz. Yung movie had pene inserts but with other members of the cast.


      1. this is the kind of harshness that one of this blog’s commentators pointed out in one of rd’s previous posts. let me admit first that i also get quickly irritated every time Ms. Inah Evans posts a comment here with the intention of flaunting how great his collection of boylets is. but this time, i see nothing wrong with what he (or do you want me to address you as “she” Ms. Evans?) posted here. in fact, his observation was quite accurate. indeed, emil looked way better than his son when emil was in his heyday. mark asuncion, stop the hate. mind your language! isn’t it possible for you to express your sentiments without degrading other people? my god, those words are unpalatable. bash Inah when he said something reprehensible. tsk. πŸ™

    2. Ang dami gusto mawala ka sa mundo! Bad trip na bibig mo pati pa mukha mo! Makapanlait ka, Mala adonis ba ang katawan. Mukha ka ngang kawayan na sunod lang na sunod sa hangin. Ang mabuti sa iyo ay manahimik ka na lang at wag comment.

  1. Nang pawala na ang panahon nia as pa-tweetams at heartthrob image, nagpa-sexy na xa at pin-up cover sa mga local kinky gay magazine. Naghubad din xa mga films as matured actor. Pero napanuod ko na rin ung “pene film” (betamax or experimental films) na hindi pini-promote or commercials. Betamax tawag d2 mga sexcapade ng mga actors na binayaran ng mga filthy rich ghost producer para mag sex at i-direk ng mga director as sideline. In fairness maputi at mataba titi nia…

  2. I commend d person who saw, saved and shared this vintage and almost impossible sexy photo of Emil Sandoval that is almost 2 hot 2b 4gotten. Galing mo at ang bait mo, Salamat.

  3. the dad is hoooot but the son is not without his own charms. from his interviews, ethan seems smart perhaps smarter than his old man. if ethan plays his cards right, he can make it big as a sexy actor who can also decently act

    1. agree, nuon pag mestizo ka pasok ka agad mag artista, now parang mga mumurahing isda na lang mga tisoy sa bangketa dami nila kaya para mapansin magjajakol sa video at iupload para magkaroon ng scandal at mapansin sila…

  4. Hanapin mabuti para ma-i-share ung link sa lahat, ung Betamax sex tape nia, bold star nung 80s ung girl, farrah floro ata I’m not that sure… 2 ginawa niang betamax sex nuong 80s. Game sa mga bading ito nung panahun nia basta goody column write-up at article about him, ok na sya sa mga good o positive publicity (maBBJ) muna sya nuon…

  5. Merun pang mangilan-ngilan na nude at sexy photos itang c ES basta search at share Lang ng mabuti… alam ko may frontal pa Ito like jestoni, Christopher, Al tantay, lloyd samartino, William, alfie a., tirso cruz, Lito pimentel, Manjo Del mundo and Patrick dela rosa.

  6. May frontal nudity ito in a movie with Anna Marie Gutierrez. Lumakad pa ito towards the camera. Nakalimutan ko lang ang title. Tanungin na lang ninyo si Tito Alfie.

    1. I remember another movie, Erotika, where nagkarelasyon siya with a stripper na dating customer ng tatay niya na si George Estregan lol. Dito ko naalala na naka-brief siyang naglakad towards the camera hanggang halos mabunggo ng bulge niya ang lens. Tas yung next shot pwet naman niya walking away from the camera. Yup, I’m old lol but he made such an impression. Meron pang pool sex scene, which was hot.

  7. RD, si BRACE ARQUIZA ba ng gimme5 ung may scandal photo sa FP??? In fairness, nuong nasa Ang Probinsyano pa ito, nakakaLibog na siya kahit nka admit pa siya. Ung tipung alam mong namamakla ito or may experience na sa bading. Ung bigote niang patubo pa lang mas nakaka-demonyo alam mong tumutubu plang din bulbol nia… feel ko madaling ma-gets ung boylet basta promising din ang bayad or kapalit…

    1. Hinde!!! Estudyante lang yun. Hawig lang. Video scanda yun. Papansin lang si FP! Ang bobo naman ng mga nagbabasa sa site niya! Tsk!

  8. Magkayakap sa Magdamag (1986)- Stars Alona Alegre, Olivia Ortiz and Anna Marie Gutierrez/ with Al Tantay, George Estregan, Orestes Ojeda, Emil Sandoval/ Directed by Nilo Saez

  9. Huwag Pamarisan: Kulasisi (1986)- Stars Maria Isabel Lopez and Anna Marie Gutierrez/ with Raoul aragonn, Jun Santiago, Tani Cinco, Emil Sandoval/ Directed by Nilo Saez

  10. Sinamba ito nina Kuya Germs, Tito Alfie L., Babeth Villaruel, Ozkie Salazar, Mel Chionglo, Fanny Serrano, Renee Salud, Tonette Macho & Joey Reyes… Pati si Edgar Mande malakas mamakla nuon palibhasa Kapampangan at may looks.

  11. |Penetration king yan dati,,,,,nagpakita ng burat yan sa Unang Karanasan na movie nya…theme song pa..nothings gonna change my love for you..hahahha

    1. True teh!!! Ang ost at scoring nuong 80s nkakaloka! Btw baks, is ‘Unang Karanasan’ a film title or as in unang karanasan nia sa pene film???

  12. walang bang historical society or foundation that is funding the restoration of these pene movies from the 70s to 80s?

    haha kaw na po tito RD, am sure marami kayo makukuhang sponsors and donors.

    chaka mae

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