Ali Nudity

At the rate Ali Asistio’s going, he might just be the new It Boy of Vivamax movies of the R-rated variety. The young actor’s been getting all the prime projects of late. His latest starrer Domme, is now showing on the streaming site, and he has lots of nude scenes to offer and show off. Will he do some flashing in the near future?

17 thoughts on “Ali Nudity”

  1. He’s so hot. And he seems to love to show off on his social media. Is he gay? Bi? Hope we can see his dick sometime. Surprised he doesn’t have nudes out there.

    1. Dear Rddantes Fans,

      Greetings from Nevada, USA. 🇺🇸

      Ali Asistio definitely one of the hottest in showbiz. Definitely my type of boy for my big King size bed.

      Apollo Jay “Joko” Robles

      1. Dear Apollo Jay “Tae” Robles,

        Yung IP Address mo shows you to be here in Manila. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

        Nothing wrong with dreaming pero dapat magaral ka muna kase kahiyahiya mga tinatype mo at claims dito.

  2. Ali has a secret that VV execs would not say, aside from his smitten smile, he has a pearling in his manhood. Yahoo!

  3. Sino ba tong guy? Honest question dahil sumulpot nalang sya out of nowhere. May connect ba kay Asistio na mayor?!

      1. Nope walang connect kay Nadia and Boy Asistio. Talent sya ni Kuya Germs. Ka batch nila Ken Chan, Jak Roberto.

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