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Andrew Schimmer in daring movies

It seems like Andrew Schimmer is doing the sexy route these days, what with his acceptance of roles in movies with erotic themes. After his revealing love scenes in the movie Green Paradise, expect more shimmer, er, Schimmer in movies such as Eskandalo and Project X: Pinoy Deep Throat. In Eskandalo, Andrew plays a hustler who puts a canister up the ass of veteran actor Emilio Garcia [tasteless, tasteless movie, if you ask me].  
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  1. isa lang ang nagcomment dito..

    confirmed: kapag wholesome ang pic o nakapants ang guy dito, talagang walang nagko comment. sure ako kung nakabikini si andrew dito, comment to death ang mga vaklush. haay..titi na lang ba ang iniisip ng mga kafatid at wala ng iba?

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