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Andrew simmers

I wish I can just hang out like Andrew Schimmer au naturel in bed all day.  But then again it’s the start of the work week. Darn.  Incidentally, I just learned that Andrew Schimmer  has a direct-to-video flick called  Blindside.  It’s a soft porn movie about a blind girl in a complicated murder-and-mystery plot.  The plus side, of course, is the nudity.  I wonder how Andrew did in the 45-minute video?
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  1. Hmmm what I like about RD is laging may bago na pics. di ko pa nakikita ito ah sa ibang site. favorite ko panaman si andrew. kitang kita mga flaws nya. sarapp! thanks RD!

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  3. just watched blindside.. errr.. if your looking for nudity, yeah meron. puro kipay.. hahaha.. wala man lng pinakita si andrew kahit bulge.. hayyyy…

  4. hahaha…

    Naunahan mo lang ako… true, hindi gay friendly ang blindside…

    wala man lang pinakita si andrew, kahit shots na nakabrief, wala. Sobrang harang!!!!

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