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Gino Quintana

The indies’ VPL and frontal nudity regular  Gino Quintana is this year’s Best Supporting Actor in the most prestigious film awards body, Gawad Urian for his movie philippino story. The movie’s “a cautionary tale about the dangers of casual male prostitution.”  He’s now known as Junjun Quintana. Bet you didn’t get to see that flick, right? The trailer is here.

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  1. parang gusto nyang sundan ang yapak ni coco martin. Napanood ko yung lenten special na nagbida sya bilang isang drug addict. ang galing nya doon. magaling umarte…me puso.

  2. Gino Quintana sya dati db?

    sumisikat ah… mg-iincrease n nga booking price ni2..

    dati 5k pede n… mgkano n kya ngaun? hmmm..

  3. Congratulations, Gino “Jun Jun” Quintana!

    I hope that he finds success in showbusiness.

    To be fair with him, he has shown a sensitive portrayal in the film.

  4. Don’t ever compare him to COca martin! Gino has the making of a good actor. Coca is purely an overrated cartoon character!

  5. Magaling sya umarte. The actor is really an actor. Well deserved credit. Now, the harsh judgments may take a break.

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