22 thoughts on “Behold”

    1. I don’t get the obsession ng ibang Pinoy sa “bulge”/bukol. Example sa Tiktok, may paunderwear si tiktokerist at may bukol= Daks agad; pag alang bukol, juts agad. Alam ba nila na may grower at shower. O kaya, may iba na pababa sinisiksik si junjun sa underwear, may iba na pataas para may effect na “mabukol” ito. At tunay na “sukatan” ay pag erect na si manoy.

      And-aaaayyýyy- thank- yow!!! Ms. Q&A chos

      1. Sure ka Teh na straight sila?
        Kaya nga sila na-feature dito sa RD eh…

        Either namamakla, may XXX o PLU.

  1. Tony Labrusca? ❌!!! Gold Aceron, AJ Oteyza, Ace Toledo and all seductive Filipino boys are far hotter and more seductive than Tony Labrusca. Tony Labrusca suits only for the MTRCB-cultured people with native Marawi mentality, the people whose attitude is like Bienvenido Abante, Manny Pacquiao (when he compared LGBT to animals) and his mom (for her being transphobic)!

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