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In a perfect My Husband’s Lover world, where the gay guys have cute faces and fit and cut bodies, who among the boyfriends, the bit-player actors flirting with the leads, would you choose and why? Pancho Magno [leftmost] seems to have a naughty side. Rodjun Cruz [middle] is adorable and sweet. Victor Basa is come-hither. Your choice?
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  1. Ayaw ko kay Victor. I remember a few years ago when I used to work in Ayala, nakasalubong namin to na naglalakad, parang gusto lang nya sakupin ang buong side-walk…

  2. kung ibase natin sa character nila sa show kay rodjun na ako! kung hindi naman its either victor basa or rodjun.

  3. pinaka-crush ko si rodjun, pinaka-type kong kalaplapan si victor pero type kong dyumugdyug sa akin si pancho. sabay-sabay na silang tatlo kakayanin ko! hahahaha! wish ko lang.

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