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Nobody saw him coming, but JC Santos sure did land a big surprise on prime time tv when he grabbed a major role opposite James Reid in Till I Met You. The 27-year-old actor is popular in the theater scene, until he got his big tv break.

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If you’re wondering how he looks like clean-cut, without the sexy unruly hair, JC appeared as one of the Catholic schoolboys in Esprit de Corps. Don’t you just love the baby fat and that impish grin?

jc1This is how close we are to seeing him in undies, when he was doing live theater (and fake blood). JC certainly has come a long way, and he excites me the most as he is more than just a pretty face with a defined body – he’s really good at his craft. On a more gratuitous level, he’s just plain hot these days!

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  1. JC Santos is a very talented actor. No doubt. He is the next big thing. You can really feel that aside from good looks and great talent, he is a good person too. That is his aura.

    1. Refine/Refined whether base word or past tense the spell still conveys… Wala bang typographical error or slip of the pen incident? If you think Str8 xa fine-and Kung PLU man xa fine din, NBD!!! Big Deal lang Kung defensive ka at perfectionist (na di nman perfect)

  2. OMG. type na type ko to after kong mapanood ang esprit de corps ng baklitang balintagos/solito. ang sarap ng laplapan nila ni lharby policarpio at magkadikit ang etits nila habang paikot-ikot ang camera sa kanilang dalawa. gosh. lalo na nung malaman kong str8 ito. i bet tuwang tuwa si lharby.

      1. Oo nga! Sana may mag-post ng screenshot man lang!

        Di kasi na-release sa mainstream ang pelikula kaya mahirap hanapin ito unless may official screening talaga.

  3. Itong si JC, tunay na lalaki. E yung si James? Lalaki ba talaga yun? Parang PLU. Pero kung PLU man si James, okay lang. Ang gwapo naman at hunk haha. Pero kay JC parin ako lovelove

    1. Whether lalaki sila James at JC or hindi, mahihimatay ka pa rin sa inggit kung mag-sex man sila’t magromansahan in missionary position, as in dibdib sa dibdib, utong sa utong, bur^t sa bur^t, itlog sa itlog na kiskisan! Die jealous, beks!

  4. Saw Dulaang UP’s Bilanggo ng Pag-Ibig (Un Captif Amoreux) lower pic. He had an outstanding performance. Bested even the lead.

  5. i was totally disappointed with how his character came to be sa till i met you.

    in the end parang ginawa na rin nilang typical beki na may pilantik kumilos ung character. kala ko babasagin nila stereotypes and he will portray ung straight na gay. pft.

  6. may kissing scene daw sila jc santos, lharby policarpio at santino martin na kasama niya sa movie. may pics ka ba ng kiss nila rd? pashare naman.

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