Of all the angular, square jawed men in local showbiz today, Mikael Daez is my favorite. Well, there’s not much angular, square jawed men in local showbiz, but Mik is out there, prominently parading as another underwear endorser. Rarely do we see this 27-year-old actor in his undergarments, and I hope he’ll fit into those tiny underthings for a photo shoot soon.

29 thoughts on “Cuteness”

  1. he’s cute alright and i’m excited to see him in bikinis or maybe in thongs but right now he gave me a hard on.

  2. He is a good person.. also from a good family.. His deceased Dad was a Ramp Model at mas guapo sa kanya when he was alive..

    Family is part owner of Fully Booked..

  3. I’ve seen him a number of times before sa resort’s world. He’s very handsome and striking in person.

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