Dear Derrick

June 26 , 2014 by: rddantes | [post_view]


You grew up too fast. How old are you now? 18, 19? Your hormones went on a roaring rampage. And then again we’re not complaining. It means we, the hungry-for-fresh-faces-and-bods lot, will get to see more of your semi-naked torso for promotional shoots and endorsements of the sexy variety. Who knows, Bench Body might notice you, too?

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54 thoughts on “Dear Derrick

  1. Derick is definitely an addition to the growing number of promising leading men of GMA! Dumarami na sila! Aljur, Alden, Rocco, Martin, Rafael, Rodjun, Dennis, Tom, LuiS.

  2. Ayaw pa kasing magsuot ng briefs/tight trunks man lang para pag nasaan ng mga beking audience bago tuluyang maging la ocean deep.

  3. may mararating tong batang ito. Showbiz needs refreshing looks like his nowadays. Simple, neat and charming.

  4. masarap yong may baby fats! mukhang di pa gaano gamit ang titi! at ang tamod lasang condensada a di amoy lysol!

  5. Dear Derrick, You’re getting hotter each day! GMA has found a gem in you! Pls hwag kang lilipat sa Dos baka malaspag ka don noh! Daming baklang exec at mga alipin naglipana don, mga hayok sa TITI lalo na si Deo Edrinal! Hahahahaha

  6. Anonymous says:
    June 26, 2014 at 11:11 am
    Lipat sya sa Dos para sumikat sya
    Ulol! para malaspag sya dun sa mga beki ng dos? o baka taga-ABS-CBN ka na nagpantasya kay derrick kaya gusto mo syang palipatin dun!

  7. isubo na yan. Malpot na tamod ang lalabas dyan. Kmka nya ung fb crush q n c nicko andrew supan. Sna mgsex cla.

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