Funtastical Mr. Zeus

The boys are bored and they are bare, baring it all for all the likes and hearts on social media. Zeus Collins has always been a favorite in this site, and his sexy shirtless pictures are cherries on the topping. Today, he treats us with this sweaty-at-home quarantine look.

26 thoughts on “Funtastical Mr. Zeus”

    1. Arte mo bakla eh kaw nga singit mo parang kawali na niluluto sa uling mkaarte kala mo yayamanin at mkinis ka eh nkikitira k lng nman sa silong ng bahay ng aso punyeta ka😠

  1. Is he 1 of the 2 of Pep Troika’s blind item on a couple of members of an all male group who called a rich gay for “ayuda” ? Sign of the times.

  2. Vice, Laurenti and Deo ang umubos At lumaspag sa tamod ni Zeus, On-Call Boy Toy nilang 3, pero mukhang c Nathan na bagong apple of the eye ng dalawa….. pati pala c Ronnie A, nalaspag na ng 3 Gay bigwigs ng Dos!

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