Hot Men in the Philippines

Gone Fishing

These two resident shirtless boys of ABS-CBN are not at all threatened by the half-naked entry of Aljur into the studio system. In fact, Vin and Joseph went on a leisurely trip to the murky river to catch dead fish. You know, take their minds off the competition, hatch an evil plan and show off the washboard abs in the process. I’m not asking who’s better, this time.

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    1. At bakit/ Ano na ba ang napatunayan ni aljur para masabi mong s’an ka pupulutin ang dalawang ito. Explain in details!

  1. They’re bodies are hot! Pero ang hipon ni Joseph Marco once you see his photos when he was younger. At least, he’s hot na ngayon!

  2. C Joseph Marco ang artist version ni Derrick Monasteryo ng GMA, mahirap pasikatin-ibenta at ilaban ang career. Parang di kagat sa Masa, mas ok parin acting ni Vin & RK.

  3. Alam ni Vin na panget sya kaya todo sikap sya sa akting at pagpapaganda ng katawan. At least may EFFORT kesa sa kuya nya na bano talaga

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