That’s a new word for you! It means coincidence.  It also happens to be the new BL series on the Gagaoolala website. It tells the story about two men who meet on two timelines – one in 2020, the other in 1974. This explains the pair of shorts that Jovani Manansala is wearing, and I like it, if you ask me.

27 thoughts on “Happenstance”

  1. Mygawsh, Admin!

    Does the story line imply that exploring the romance nowadays between 40’s (born in the early 1970’s) and 20’s (born at the dawn of the Third Millennium) guys has become a lucrative marketing approach? Do you realize, the former is old enough to be the latter’s father??!

    This doesn’t have anything to do with the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter last 21 December, does it? Ushering in (once again) the Age of Aquarius… And EVERYTHING that connotes.

  2. He is just hot if he has nude video or photo, like all of the Vic Fabe (except those who have exposes private parts) and Daddy Blake boys.

  3. Lumaki na ulo nito eh da-dalawa palang naman Indie films niya, malabnaw umakting At ma-feeling pa. nagpa-veneers mas lalong nag mukhang bading. Panay self promote niya na NEVER PA SIYANG NATIKMAN NA BADING!!! Eh nung di pa pala artista ito laspag na sa mga baklang kanal sa lugar nila, Buy1Take1 pa silang mag-utol as in promo! Obvious na naka rami ng bakla ang naka laway sa titi niyang JUTS!!!

    1. Fake news itong si bakla. May pera naman family nito. Kung pumatol man sila hindi sila papatol sa mga puritang parloristang bakla na sabog sa shabu. Punta ka nga sa IG page ni Joaquin kung papatol yan sa kung sino sino dyan.

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