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He has a new movie! Again!

Oi! The Johnron has a new movie again. Apparently he did this one under the radar, as I’ve only come to learn about this when he sent me an SMS late last night.  Ok mark the date: JULY 18 [Friday] at 6.15 pm. CCP Little Theater. The movie, part of Cinemalaya 2008, is entitled Lukaret and no, the Johnron won’t show his penis. Not even his scrotum. But we must all go and buy the P100 tickets and support him, right?  See you there! [Those who will utter bad things against the Johnron will die of excruciating pain, penniless and lonely!].
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  1. Bakit ba pinahihirapan pa nila si Johnron, namumula tuloy ang mata dahil sa tubig. He’s sooooo good to look at. Perhaps he tastes even better. hahahaha!

  2. Pwede maginvite sa manonood ng iba pang movie sa cinemalaya?

    Panoorin po ninyo ang pelikulang kasali sa feature length category gaya ng
    “Jay” (starring Baron Geisler, Coco Martin) directed by Francis X Pasiom

    “100” (starring Mylene Dizon and Eugene Domingo) directed by Chris Martinez

    “Namets” (starring Christian Vasquez at Angel Jacob) Directed by Jay Abello

    “Boses” (starring Ricky Davao) directed by Ellen Ongkeko.

    Highly recommended po ang mga pelikulang yan.

  3. extra nanaman sya i bet. well, ano pa vang eexpect natin, he doesn’t have what it takes to be a STAR.

  4. [Those who will utter bad things against the Johnron will die of excruciating pain, penniless and lonely!]. KA-ENJOY! HAHAHA

  5. na-jada na kaya ng bading ito?

    ay naako, saw sawan na yan ng bayan, maliit ang titi, mabaho ang singit! malangsa!

  6. he is so COOL…WWWAAAYYY COOL… 100PHP to see his movie? i would spend 100$ just to glimpse my idol.


  7. hi samuraiboi, na view ko na ang site mo pero wala si johnron dun a..anong caption nung fotos? thanks for sharing

  8. ang cheacheap nyo ha. ready to shell out $100, calling him an idol, nominating him for presidency—- a bold starlet???! haller. itaas naman ang standards mga sisters…

  9. Asus, para namang ang bango nung isa diyan. Kung may amoy siya… EH DI PALIGUAN!

    I will sit on him anytime. Anytime. Anytime.

  10. “Those who will utter bad things against the Johnron will die of excruciating pain, penniless and lonely!”

    ~~~sorry na lang RD… dati ko pa inookray si Johnron, and still I’m very healthy, living a rich and glamorous lifestyle, happily in a relationship with a bf who loves me so, plus marami pang on the side! hahaha. 🙂

  11. Sino ba mas may star quality, Johnron, Justin o Harry? Sino maraming projects? Nasaan na ba si Harry parang nawawala na? Mukhang it’s a battle between Justin and Johnron na ah..Si Justin lagi ko nakikita sa TV at indie Johnron sa indie films…Nasan na yung iba?

  12. basta johron patok na patok yan sa mga nagnanasang bading. mas ok siya kesa ke dingdong noh. mas may k pa ito mag opening ng blackout noh.

  13. why not put johnron tanada, adrian racho, and coco martin in one gay indie film ala “friends” nila sharon cuneta, dina bonnevie and cherie gil in “sana’y wala nang wakas”? im sure maganda casting

  14. Na-sight ko ang site na post para kay Johnron. Di maganda ang mga photos. Nawala libog ko sa kanya…

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