In Vivo.

Reader Barbarella again sends in the photo above and asks – How old is ex-reality show contestant and now-bit player Vivo Ouano? He’s 18 years old now, if you count the years that passed by ever since he joined GMA-7’s Starstruck as a tall and gangly [and cute!] student who listed his age at 15. But some say he is really 23 years old now. No matter what, he sure does appear cuter and sexier in the image above. I’m hoping – and I’m pretty sure you’ll join me in this one – that he’ll do one of those photo shoots similar to what his friend Mike Tan did for the 2008 X-Ray calendar. Maybe next year?

21 thoughts on “In Vivo.”

  1. Hey, RD!

    Long time,no hear from ya!

    Got to see Vivo in person several times and he is a looker, indeed! Shame that he ain’t been given that much of a break like that other cutie, Mike Tan.

  2. Don’t be too authoritative 2nd Anonymous as if you know anything at all. He was a third year high school student and class president of a private school when he joined Starstruck three years ago. Are you saying he was s 20 y/o junior high school student and that GMA-7 was fooled in accepting him when the rule was specific that no one above 19 for his Starstruck batch? O baka naman pinu-promote mo lang ang sarili mo that you’re 27 and young looking? I’m definitely not a fan of Vivo. I just know when not to open my mouth if I will look and sound stupid, presumptuous and bimbo, get it? Adjust your blonde hair please, it’s blocking your mind.

  3. i’ve known him since may friends ako sa high school nya (but are not of the same batch with him).
    he should be between 18-20, pero alam ko 18.
    he’d never be around 21-23, kasi nga higher batch ako sa kanya.
    ayun lang!

  4. Ok, guys!

    Which of the earlier two comments could be judged as credible?

    Info, please coz I would like to DO this guy Vivo! 😉

  5. yup.. he is just 18 years old…

    friend siya nga cousin ko na girls… 4 years ang tanda ko sa cousin ko na girl at 1 year naman ang gap ng cousin ko kay Vivo…

    nakapunta na rin siya sa bahay namin sa fairview pero hindi pa siya sumasali sa Starstruck during those times…

    way before, cute at gwapo talaga si Vivo…

  6. FYI MGA NAGMAMAGALING KAYONG LAHAT …. “He was a third year high school student and class president of a private school when he joined Starstruck three years ago.” sumali siya second year kame classmate ko xa nung 1st year.( pero take note nag-gade 7 xa) i dont know his age as of the moment kaka bday nya lng kse nung 10 or 11

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