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Jake-ing Off

What’s next for Jake Cuenca? It doesn’t matter that he’s older, a little bit tired around the edges. Jake Cuenca still has it as an underwear model. That’s why he’s strutting his stuff today just like the good old days of Bench Body.

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  1. Love you Jake. Guys let’s be thankful to him, i know a lot of comments about him are mostly negative. But look at him he was generous to show mostly everything about his flesh for our indulgence and lust.

    He showed his wonderful armpits and even his butt… He even wore a garter briefs to the public for us.

    We should also be thankful to Ben Chan for giving us these male celebrities dropping off their pants for our enjoyment.

  2. he sure is still hot at talagang may ibubuga pa rin. i still love how his body looks. jake really looks manly.

    1. i doubt if he is for booking lalo na these days. the guy has been getting projects, may kaa naman ang pamilya at nag southridge to nung kabataan.. the only time na possbile na pumatola bex yan is during his transfer sa abs to get him projects but if it is true e it was worth it naman at nagkakaproject naman sya till now

    1. what’s wrong with eating kanin and salt in the morning? and what’s with the bakla word? eh bakla ka din di ba?

    1. korek.. makatanong kung magkano daw ibook hahahaha akala mo e mapepera.. yang mga artistang yan malaki kinikita nyan per project.. mabakante man yan nakakaipon na yan ng malakihan. kung cugro mga struggling actors na baguhan pwede pa masilaw ng pera

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