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Jericho Rosales regrets..

…. being labeled a “Katok Boy.” According to reports from the Radio Mindanao Network Entertainment News, Jericho was a “Katok Boy” before he became an actor. A “Katok Boy” apparently goes a-knockin’ at doors to ask for financial help. In the case of Jericho Rosales, according to the report, when he was younger and poorer, he went from one beauty parlor to another in Marikina [where he used to stay] and asked for help from the gay beauticians, who were just to glad to help the cute fledgling with some thing in return, of course. The report said that their source was one member from Jericho’s former group, The Hunks, wherein said member was just not too happy keeping an information made in confidence by Jericho Rosales.
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  1. my boss had “slept”with him, alsothe guy u named haroldpineda ( i was there),vivahotmen justine de leon, and a star magic artist discovered from a reality talent search.i dontwant to reveal his identity for it is confidential for the time being. and i knows its carlos who dropd the bomb about echo. paging dadedidodu

  2. hey mike, malaki raw ba ang kay Jericho, share naman kahit don lang so parang nakita ko na, kababawan, ka-cheapan, ganun ko siya ka-gusto…

    Sunday, May 27, 2007

    The Beauty of Now

    Are you aware of what’s happening right now? Or do your recollections of the past and speculations about the future create a barrier between you and the present moment?

    Are you fully living and experiencing this life that you have? Or do you put so much energy into analyzing every detail and worrying about every move that there’s no time left to simply and gloriously be?

    Are you striving so earnestly to get ahead that all the effort is putting you more and more behind? Is your life so totally defined by what you need to do that you’ve lost sight of who you are?

    There is so much you can let go of, without really losing a thing. It is when you stop merely trying that you can truly be.

    The life for which you have always longed is as close as your very next choice. You are completely equipped and prepared to make that choice.

    This moment is filled with magnificent possibilities, and this moment is when you can bring the best of them to life. Let go of those burdens you really don’t need, and open yourself to the beauty of now.

    — Ralph Marston

  3. i dont think its joross. neighbor namin sila dito sa bf homes way before SCQ. his dad has a high position in customs

  4. i’ve watched “gma’s wish ko lang” featured that nanay-nanayan of jay manalo na nag-ampon sa kanya. RD sana ma post mo rin si Jay Manalo, siguro marami din nakahada sa kanya those days na palaboy siya.

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