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Joseph Izon gets hotter!

Buy the latest issue of Frontman magazine, and you’ll see a Brazilian fly-in model, Jay Santos and Joseph Izon, in adult-arousing poses that are drool-worthy. It looks like Joseph Izon is making some career moves after his long break from showbiz, which started from the post-That’s Entertainment teenybopper show, Best Frends. Last seen as the hunky bodyguard in the hit primetime series, Marimar, on Channel 7, Joseph Izon is setting his sights on a bigger comeback in showbiz soon.
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  1. saan ba pwede mag request, gusto ko kasi si James Yap, mukhang masarap kaya nalokah si Tetay, paki share naman photos nya na hubad

  2. gaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwddddddddddddd!!!! naghubad na rin ang delicious papah na ituuuu!!!!! heto pala ang hitsura ng bodyguard pag libog na libog nah. sarap luhuran, gashhh.

  3. masarap nga siya hmmm at mukhang musky! sana mag bold na lng siya kasi feeling ko sisikat siya sa ganun!

  4. mas gwapo pa rin sa kanya ang tatay nya! yung nga lng may edad na. his dad was a former macho dancer, i shud nlw kc frend ko ang nagpasok sa tatay nya.

  5. you look at his face, and you see the wet face of a male witch without the veil. you look at his crotch, and you see a snake coiled up and ready to blow up your behind. hahaha

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