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Joseph the Dreamer

Is Joseph Marco the next big leading man over at ABS-CBN? It looks like he really wants it and he can sleep with just about anybody else up the food chain.  With the PR machine oiled to max by his handlers, will he make it this year, this time?
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  1. Sa Star Studio may feature sya pinapalabas na bahay nya yun e bahay naman ng manager-jowa nya na si Keren

  2. Ngeeek! ang itim ng utong nya parang ang dami na yatang beki sumusoso nyan! Pano pa kaya titi nya? hehehe! just thinking out loud!

  3. He has what it takes: looks, talent (or so it seems- he hasn’t gotten the opportunity to really flex his acting chops), tenacity, ambition, constant projects and PR machinery. But he just can’t seem to break out and be a star.

    I think it’s because he lacks charisma and that x-factor. And, I agree with the comment above, he is quite suplado.

    But, all in all, I have high hopes for him.

  4. Ewan ko ba kung bakit pinagpipilitan ito ni Keren sa Dos e wala ngang star factor. Di nga umubra sa GMA yan eh!

  5. He wants to be a big star? Gayahin nya si Jake Cuenca, kumabit sa mga bakla na mataas katungkulan sa Dos! Magpatira sya sa pwet gabi gabi! Yun na yun! Sisikat sya!!!

  6. You have to give it to Keren, ginastusan nya ito pinagamot ang mukha at katawan na puro galis aso noon. Look at him now!

  7. Suplado nga to and he’s not a leading man material. Kulang sa charisma. I think may kapit din cya kay deo and company ksi binibigyan lagi ng projects na mejo malaki ang role nya like honesto khit waley sa actingan. at least si jake Cuenca bukod sa favorite ni deo magaling din na actor. etong si joseph kulang tlga.

  8. Now that Paulo Avelino’s been discarded to the cut-out bin, maybe he can step up to the plate?

    The plate being the boy-buffet for all the (powerful) gays to enjoy.

    If only he could actually act.

  9. Nasa London nga sya ngayon with Keren Pascual. Gretchen Barretto basically outed them as a couple thru her Instagram account.

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