La la la la Elmo’s world

ElmoWell, that’s a representation of how Elmo Magalona should look like, sans the characteristic larger jaw and chin.  The thing is, the 20-year-old actor-singer-dancer is getting hotter each day – leaving behind his teenybopper ways and days. He’s shed off the adorable baby fat for the lean and mean look. Do you prefer Erotic Elmo now?

52 thoughts on “La la la la Elmo’s world”

  1. rd, i don’t see any eroticism in elmo’s pic. what i see is the innocent looking boy waiting to be devirginized. hehehe! but if he sheds off his shirt and shorts and leave us a little imagination with just a skimpy underthing, then that’s what i call erotic! hubad na elmo hubad!

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