Lalamunan tonight!

Don’t forget to troop to the UP Film Institute later tonight for the premiere of Lalamunan, the new movie of Rico Barrera [in photo] and Jordan Herrera and Randolph Dungo plus a whole lot more guys.  Lalamunan is the story of marital rape and domestic violence and of course, gay loooove.  So, in case you are wondering now about the title which refers to the larynx – I think – and how it figures in the story, then let’s all go to the State U this evening and watch the big reveal. Lalamunan will be shown in theaters on 19 November.

17 thoughts on “Lalamunan tonight!”

  1. rd sana post mu rin yung luma nya pics sa isang calendar noon (with d other guys n rin esp. dennis centeno). thanks rd

  2. isang Trash ang pelikulang lalamunan…. tawanan ang mga bading sa dramatic scenes at the end of the Film…. waste of time watching this film…

  3. The film LALAMUNAN was such a waste of time and money. Sana naghugas na lang ako ng pinggan sa bahay. Bad acting, bad camera work, sophomoric lahat… maganda pa ang thesis production ng mga students sa U belt. Ewan ko, ako naman si gago pinanood ko.

    Man, what a rip-off.

    — dorky

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